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Beef Box - 100% grass-fed aged for 28 days (*FREE delivery*)

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100% grass-fed, 28-day aged Jersey-cross beef boxes. The carcass is slowly aged over a four-week period to allow the subtle flavours to develop complexity and to allow the meat to tenderise, giving you a phenomenal cooking and eating experience.

Do place your order now for delivery later in the year (supplies are limited so secure your box now).

Our 10kg boxes include a range of some of the best and tastiest beef cuts you will ever have. Typically your box will include a couple of roasting joints, rump and / or sirloin steaks, stewing steaks and several packs of versatile and easy-cooking mince. The ageing process will help to tenderise what is already a fine product, as well as adding to the complexity of flavours. The Jersey breeding adds high levels of intramuscular fat which aids the flavours and tenderises the meat during cooking. It can retain its beautiful golden hue, similar to Jersey milk, showing the benefits of the beta-carotene naturally harvested by the animal from the grazed grass.

Our price includes FREE delivery using a next day courier service (deliveries normally Tuesday to Friday). All beef is vacuum-packed for ease of handling and to retain freshness. As a guide, one box will fit into one freezer draw in a normal size upright freezer.