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Milk is a wonderful drink, full of nutritious and tasty goodness, but did you know that not all milk is equal? Below is our opinion of the different milks available, starting with standard supermarket milk and going through to the 'creme de la creme' of milks at the bottom of the page

Standard milk - this is the stuff you buy in the supermarket and from your corner shop. It's pasteurised, homogenised (meaning the fat globules have been broken down into tiny particles, so small that they stay in suspension and don't rise to the surface). Almost certainly it comes from large herds fed grain and other concentrate feeds, where yield is king. The breed is likely to be Holstein, large black and white cows bred over generations to produce large volumes of milk each year

Jersey Milk - extra rich due to these animals' genetic propensity to produce more butterfat and protein in each pint of milk, it is always pasteurised and usually homogenised before it reaches the shops. Animals are fed grain and concentrates as a matter of routine and will be milked at least twice a day. Again, volume of production is the driver.

Raw Milk from Holsteins - This milk can only be bought direct from the farmer so you will never find it in supermarkets or your local health food shop. It's packed full of natural goodness, and because it hasn't been heat-treated it retains lots of live cultures and enzymes. Grain will usually be fed for volume production

Raw milk from Jerseys - As above, but richer and creamier and that bit more tasty

100% Grass-Fed Raw Milk - These cows will never have been offered grain. Yields will be lower as a consequence but milk will be healthier

100% Grass-Fed Raw Milk from Jerseys - Milk produced straight from forage and nothing else, with the added creaminess you get from Jersey cows. It really is worth drinking

And the creme de la creme:

100% Grass-Fed Raw Milk from Jersey Cows milked Once-a-day - A diet of grass and other forages with no added grain or concentrates means the milk is higher in conjugated linoleic acids (CLA's) which are beneficial to health. It also has a much better (and much healthier) ratio of Omega 3 oils to Omega 6. We bottle it straight from the cow, in its raw, natural state. It is not heat-treated or homogenised and so retains its live enzymes. Jersey cows add their own unique flavour and density to the milk - typically it's more yellow than other milks due to the carotene they get from  their forage diets. And finally, milking once-a-day, rather than twice or three times a day, means each pint is packed full of goodness. This practice concentrates the milk solids so that your daily drink of milk has less water and more protein, minerals, butterfat and goodness than any other type of cows milk. Because they're not fed concentrates, the cows' milk yield is very low but it's of exceptionally high quality. Try it now, we are confident you will love it!