Meadow Hay Dairies
Deliciously Raw Milk delivered to your door

Jersey cows are renowned for the richness of their milk. Believe it or not, milk from a "normal" cow (usually black and white Holstein-Friesians) that is milked twice a day would only have about 7% milk solids (proteins, fats, minerals etc). The remainder is water. 

Jersey cows have much higher milk solids levels. Add into this the fact that our cows are only milked once a day and you will find that the milk solids will be double - getting towards 15%. That means lots more goodness in every bottle.

In addition, our cows are grass-fed only under a system that follows organic principles (we don't use any sprays, fertilisers, we don't feed the cows supplements nor have we ever used antibiotics. The milk is entirely natural, from cows grazing grass and eating hay only.

This all adds up to a fantastically rich and creamy milk. 

Taste the difference. Feed the best. It's delicious!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the milk is ok to drink?

There's a whole host of hoops and protocols to follow these days to legally produce raw milk. 

We are under the supervision of the Food Standards Agency and they have issued the certificate permitting us to produce raw milk. They carry out quarterly inspections of our facilities and milking procedures. They also take away milk samples to test the quality and the cleanliness of the milk - and it has to meet very strict criteria.

Quarterly we send away different samples of milk to test for brucellosis. We also tuberculin test the cows annually to ensure they are free from any disease.

Then there's the milking routine itself. We use sterilised wipes to clean the cows udder (Teisen wipes is the brand, if anyone's interested). Once the udder is clean we attach the vacuum via the milk cluster which gently pulses the milk out of the teats and into the churn. Once the cow is milked, it's teats are dipped in an iodine solution which disinfects them. We also rinse off the cluster and then soak it in a solution of Peracetic acid which is food-grade anti-bacteria disinfectant to ensure the cluster remains spotlessly hygienic. 

As soon as the cows are milked, the milk is cooled to below 6C - I've added a separate thermostat-monitor to our fridges which takes them down to 1.5C to ensure the milk stays super-fresh.

How long does the milk last?

It depends on a number of things, including how old each cow is, what stage of lactation each cow is at and possibly even its genetic make-up. There is also the small matter of the variation in the temperature of people's fridges and, as imp;ortantly, the variation in temperature between the bottom and the top of a fridge (it's cooler at the bottom unless your fridge has the capacity to mix the air inside!) 

As a rule it should last for at least a week in a cold fridge. I have kept some for three weeks - I tasted a little bit every few days and it ran out before it went sour!! However, that was an excellent sample from two newly calved heifers, so work on a week and you shouldn't be too far wrong.

Are you organic?

We try to follow organic principles wherever possible so we don't apply any pesticides, sprays or even fertilisers to the grassland our cows graze. We also never use hormones and don't routinely use antibiotics (we will only use these if the vet prescribes them, much the same way as we take them if a doctor prescribes them for us). Fortunately, because our cows are healthy and happy we almost never get a sick animal. 

The only reason we don't label our milk as organic is that we have not paid several hundred ££'s to the Soil Association for our organic certificate. We believe our milk, and the happiness and healthiness of our cows, plus the natural diet they eat, speaks for itself and I'm sure that once you've tried our milk you will agree.

Feel free to get in touch ( if you have any more questions about our deliciously raw milk